Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DESIGN+STYLE: Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony F/W 09 + my own lil' Pendleton find

The Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony F/W 09 collection has just arrived. The marriage of Pendleton and Opening Ceremony is true holy matrimony. This partnership isn't going anywhere, at least I hope it never does. I LOVE Pendleton's ability to keep it classic while continuing to inspire the eye with its tribal and country plaid wool fabrics. Working with Opening Ceremony, they're providing the shapes we all want to wear.

I'm a daily thrift store shopper and the other day I was fortunate to score this authentic slim-fitting Pendleton vest for around $3. I love every bit of it and even though it's made of of 100% wool, I managed to sneak it in before the first day of Fall even got here!


DESIGN: Marni, Duro Olowu, and Etro mix it up for S/S 2010

Three of my favorite major fashion houses played with pattern mixing for S/S 2010 and each achieved it perfectly!


STYLE: Designer Lindsey Thornburg & I share a love for cloaks

In one week not one, not two, but three different people told me to check out Lindsey Thornburg's line of cloaks; and there's a reason why. I, like Thornburg, hold a special place in my heart for cloaks, ponchos, and anything that resembles either of the two. Lindsey's self-titled collection, inspired by a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru gives you exactly what you want, cloaks of all lengths in inspiring prints and even some for the kids.

I thought I'd share just a few of the cloaks, ponchos, want-to-bes in my collection. These are just some of my most recent purchases as I prepare for Fall/Winter.

1. The Georgia O'Keefe "cloak". OK so it's not really a cloak. It's a fleece blanket but I LOVE the print and I get to show off one of my many broaches when wearing it.

2. Again, not a real cloak but a beautiful alpaca blanket. Three words: Peach Buffalo Plaid. You don't get much better than that.

3. The classic, a longer length in Taupe wool with connected scarf.

4. This one is so versatile. I wear it with all denim washes, White being my favorite.

5. This one is a poncho. It's so oversize and the color really stands out. I can't wait to pop it with bright necklaces

6. The poncho of all ponchos. This one is authentic from Mexico. The colors are so vibrant it's like you're looking at a painting.

7. This last one is a want-to-be but I thought I would throw it in because I love it so much. It's actually an oversize knit 3/4 sleeve overcoat from the '60s. The detailing is enviable and it's home made!


Monday, September 28, 2009

LIFE: Itty Bitty editorial in Glitterati Magazine- Day For Night

This is a small editorial published In LA-based Glitterati Magazine. I styled this, primarily using labels Anzevino & Florence and Les Sang Des Betes, alongside photographer Andrew Kuykendall. There is much more to this story but sometimes the magazines heavily edit and narrow down to what best fits their issue (have you seen The September Issue Yet?). Even with it's editing, I do still love it's simplicity and very quiet stillness.