Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's make like one of the greatest style icons that ever lived and make the new decade and beyond SPECTACULAR!! Grace Jones didn't find a space to belong in. She created a space.

In 2010, let's not settle for the mediocre. Let's anticipate the discomforts that come with GREATNESS. Let's be better people that the Universe looks out for. Let's look and feel amazing at all times!! Breath deeply, make smart decisions, and enjoy life!!!



Monday, December 28, 2009

DESIGN: The Andreia Chaves "Invisible Shoe"

The "Invisible Shoe" is a conceptual shoe design from Sao-Paulo designer Andreia Chaves. Chaves' design uses multiple mirrored surfaces in different shapes and sizes. The effect is visually deceiving as the shoes reflect whatever they're surrounded by. This is how you get the invisible effect.

Art and design are gifts and designers like Chaves remind of us this. It is always inspiring to see vision realized.


LIFE: Flea Market Thrills

Ever since my recent 1920's- inspired editorial shoot I've had cloche dreams and knee grazing fantasies. I've welcomed my increased desire to mix in some vintage 1920's (and even earlier if I'm lucky) with the eccentric-ethno-androgy-classic-vintage that is my personal style. Today I was so lucky to find a gorgeous creamy Pink silk 1920's slip at the Melrose/Fairfax Flea Market in Hollywood... for $3!!

There are so many ways to wear this slip and I can't wait to infuse it into my wardrobe. It reminds of me of these inspirational photos I stored from Flickr.

I also scored these necessary pieces that will soon become staples in my closet.

Larger than life scarf. Heavy knit... Blush... Over sized... $5.00...Perfect

Wool military coat with asymmetrical button detail, deco stitching & hidden inner drawstrings... Perfect length, great color, $24.00!!


INSPIRATION: Costume Designs from THE FALL

I saw The Fall for the first time this weekend! The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh in collaboration with Spike Jonze, was officially released in May of 2008 BUT, for a masterpiece like this, it's better late than never. Within the first half hour I was inspired by the elaborately designed and characterized costumes of each unique character.

This story takes you on the fantastical journey of an injured stuntman and injured little girl during their stay in a 1920's Los Angeles infirmary. The stories told by the stuntman take the viewer and the little girl on a visually stimulating fantasy-based adventure of 5 heroines from different walks of life; The Indian, Charles Darwin, Luigi (an explosives expert), Otta Benga (a former slave), and The Blue Bandit. Costume Designer Eiko Ishioka takes the viewer beyond their expectations of these characters, making them each equally majestic and intriguing

I am truly inspired...


Friday, December 18, 2009

LIFE: Check me out in SOMA Magazine's Holiday Fashion Issue!!!!!

Pick up the latest issue of Soma Magazine on Newsstands now. Their Holiday Fashion Issue features Charlotte Gainsborough on the cover and that's not all!!

Check out one of my latest spreads shot by photographer Andrew Kuykendall entitled Paranoid Android. I'm in love with it and I hope you are too!

You can also enjoy it online!


DESIGN: Welcome Hunters Project White T-Shirt- My Faves so far

If you haven't heard, Welcome Hunters LA is working alongside Triple Major to host Project White T-shirt. Triple Major is curating this charitable project which includes 31 designers from 13 countries (1 designer for each day of December) who've been asked to reinvent the classic White T-shirt. Proceeds benefit the non-profit Designers Against Aids.

I am in love with the concept and purpose of this project. I'm a firm believer in the power of a White T-shirt, especially when you begin to look around you and the season's trends have taken over the masses (ie: . Every once in a while I feel the need to "detox" and wear a simple White T with classic separates for a spell.

I know I'm not alone in this belief as Welcome Hunters has worked with some of the world's leading avante Guard designers in this effort. Here, some of my favorite creations:

I look forward to seeing the creations in person tomorrow at the Opening Reception...

Shouts out to model/stylist Eddington looking good!!!


DESIGN: YSL New Vintage II

YSL Creative Director, Stephano Pilati, is more than a design genius, he's also environmentally consious. Available this month is the Yves Saint Laurent New Vintage II collection. The capsule collection is created from unused fabrics from the YSL archives, using various treatments and textile combinations.

There's still a week before Christmas so if you're still searching for the perfect gift for that VERY special someone, try to get your hands on this collection. It will be good for fashion and good for the environment.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Music Video Style: MUHSINAH "Always" Video

Muhsinah // "Always" (HD) - The Oscillations:Triangle from Rock Slinger Incorporated on Vimeo.

So Sick!!


DESIGN: Oh Designer, I will follow thee

These recent design grad's all possess amazing talent. Each of these ladies uses their own unique techniques to create wearable art. I'm a fan and will be following their careers like any true fan would.

Anna Zwick
Parsons School of Design, '09

Parsons School of Design '09

Amy Thompson
De Montfort University, 09


DESIGN + INSPIRATION: Valerj Pobega Corset/Dinka Inspiration

In this posting I am taking the time to write about one piece from Gen Art designer Valerj Pobega's collection. That piece is this corset shown in the Spring 2010 runway show.

It seems to be inspired by this:

These intricately beaded corsets are worn as everyday wear by Dinka men in Sudan. Their exquisite shape and stunning colors have landed them in museums across the world. I hope to one day have one of these rare pieces in my own wardrobe.

In the meantime I think the Valerj Pobega version is a simplified wearable piece that I could really work into my closet.


Friday, December 11, 2009

DESIGN: Louise Gray Spring 2010 vs. Jean Michel Basquiat

Is it just me or was Louise Gray studying Basquiat while designing her Spring 2010 collection? Let me know your thoughts.....

No, really. I want to know...