Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DESIGN+SHOP: JUST IN! Must-have Bernhard Willhelm x Camper Sandals @ Opening Ceremony

Get these before they're gone! I'm in love with these Bernhard Willhelm x Camper sporty/trail-chic sandals that just arrived at Opening Ceremony.

I can't choose just one but I think if I had to I'd go for the Blue & Yellow lace up or the Army Green strappy version. Both work so well with Spring and Fall's Military trend. I would take them into Fall/Winter (doesn't rain much in LA) by wearing them with slouchy socks and flooded pants. They're perfect!

all images from openingceremony.com



  1. love these!!! but i'm sorta happy they don't have my size so I don't even have to choose!! (sorta.) :)

  2. ha ha! The same thing happened to me! I was sad and happy at the same time!