Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My Sunday night was filled with the music that inspires me and helps to fuel my motivation. When I was a young freshman in college it was Erykah Badu's music that made me feel empowered, unique, and responsible to fulfill my purpose... I've even been heard saying her music along with a few others' "changed my life"... And here I am today :)

Erykah Badu performed Sunday night at the Greek Theater in LA (Love my city!). Another favorite of mine, Janelle Monae, opened with Lupe Fiasco. Unfortunately Janelle Monae was the opening act and we along with a couple thousand other people missed the performance entirely. Words cannot express how_____ we all are at the Greek for that line up!!

Of Course, Erykah blazed in her signature style (whatever that may be). She rocked a Yellow tee and sweat pants, towering patent stilettos, a fully beaded African blanket (Zulu I think), and these cosmic "ear wings". Ear Wings are her new collaboration with LA-based jewelry designer, and friend of mine, Baba G.

Erykah's performance was stellar and, as always, she revealed her true personality to the audience, which I love. We also enjoyed Erykah and Janelle backstage after the performance for a Q & A session. It was a treat to enjoy both of these ladies in a more personal setting and see how much they've inspired other people.

It was backstage where I let Ms. Monae how much I love her music and saw just how STUNNING she is in person. When I say stunning, I mean it! She's gorgeous and has an eye or style that's unmatched! She is on fire, so focused, and so gifted. I'll enjoy watching her career ad style evolve. She is HER OWN STYLIST and doesn't need anyone's help doing so. She's amazing!


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