Friday, December 11, 2009

I'M baaaaack; 2010 is amost here ; my Winter 10 inspiration board

Hello World. I can't believe it's been basically a month since I've posted on the things I love and the things I spend so much time doing. I hope everyone is well and I cant wait to dive back in. There's something about knowing I have a new start coming up in 3 weeks that has suddenly energized me. I hope you are feeling the same way.

So.... on to it....

First thing's first. It's cold and rainy in Los Angeles right now and what better thing to do than to sit by the heater thinking about your Winter 2010 look.
Above are photos (not the best I'm afraid) of the sisters I am personally inspired by: the one and only Denise Huxtable, Freddie from A Different World, and the ladies of The Belle Stars circa early eighties.

But this is not about the 80's or the 90's or however you want to label clothing of times past. It's about an eccentric, vibrant representation of personal style that screams confident, independent, and sexy all while covering up. This is my idea of amazing style.

Ethnic prints, patchwork, Black, derby hats, harem/jeanie pants, winklepickers, lots of jewelry, lighter washed denim, rolled pants, and cropped jackets will all remain a part of my wardrobe and I will carry the same feel well into Spring.

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  1. wowowowie. i never could put my finger on your look...but you are truly your own incarnation of denise huxtable!!!! right've gotten it right on the nose, and with your own style! :) i love it!! and welcome back! i need to come back too...!