Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DESIGN: YES!!! JIL SANDER Spring 2011- CoLoR, StRiPeS, BOLD shapes, FUN

Designer Jil Sander is so funny. Somehow Jil has managed to keep up the serious, understated vanguard for years now but I've always known the joke was on us, the audience. Jil has a comedic side and ,while we all talk so pretentiously about the structure and sharp lines of a Jil Sander collection, she's snickering while thinking about this very collection for Spring 2011.

COLOR, COLOR-blocking, stripes in color, over-exaggerated-yet-soft blossoming silhouettes, even the return of the tulip shape!! I am very excited about this collection and what it means for Spring 2011. Will more than a few finally embrace the bright color-mixing of the nineties? I hope so! This is by no means a first. The mix of solid pieces definitely reminds me of Dries Van Noten Spring 2009. I'm just proud to see the versatility that is Jil Sander because I am a devoted fan and have been for years.

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