Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a small world: Willow Smith's knock off and my favorite Mother of London design

Following the AMA's, I checked out the Red Carpet pickings of some of our fave celeb attendees. I gasped when I saw the lovely little Ms. Willow Smith in a bright bondage-inspired one-sleeve piece worn over a Charcoal gray harem jumpsuit with slouchy Black boots. I immediately recognized the DESIGN and only thought how surprised I was that the Smith's allowed Willow to don a piece from the very adult, very S & M-influenced label Mother of London out of LA.

The next day, drama had unfolded. It was revealed that the Yellow piece did not belong to Mother of London but, in fact, had been knocked off! Truthfully, in 2010, it's not much of a big deal for a little girl to wear something 'risque'. The real issue here is that a stylist had the piece knocked off and thought he/she could get away with it... thoughts?

So why do I care so much? The design in question is one of my favorites from Mother of London and I, in fact, used a Light Pink version of this very design in one of my editorials published in C-Heads Magazine over 2 years ago! (see photo above)

After looking at this Lt. Pink version you can see that it can be worn in a tasteful, fun, and feminine matter. So why wouldn't the stylist commission the original designer to make this piece? And maybe in a less offensive color. This would have solved both of my problems with this situation...
Just my opinion.


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