Friday, January 8, 2010

STYLE + EDITORIAL: Perfect Alexandra Cassaniti Summer Accessories and Russh Mag's Surf Chic

I've been a fan of designer Alexandra Cassaniti's Summer collections since she bagan in 2008. She is the sole inspiration for my obsession with scuba/surf gear for Summer 2010. Below are some of my favorite pieces from her latest accessories collection.

"Face It" Sunglasses. The shape stands out beautifully on the face and the mirrored X's on each lens are perfect for days when you feel like being shielded.

These "Compost" (left) and "Crude Oil" (right) vial necklaces are a Collaboration between Alexandra Cassaniti and Unearthen. They're cast metal and blown glass and the stopper has an image that denotes the Crop Circle formation of the Mystic Triangle. "Known to harmoniously align the Physical, Astral and Spiritual planes...inside the mouth blown glass vial is the personalized Natural Element that can protect you on your Earthly Journey". What more do you need out of a necklace!!??

Tubular Rubber Necklace made from recycled bicycle tube

It seems I'm not the only one dreaming of summer time surfing (whether you can surf or not). The Jan/Feb issue of RUSSH Magazine dedicated many pages to Summer time neoprene fun. I really cannot wait to mix surf/scuba-inspired pieces with rolled baggie khakis, platform sandals, headwraps, and huge earrings. It seems like the perfect warm weather travel ensemble.


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